October 2019 Meeting

The Future of Social Security…

Ginny Baxter, Program Vice President

Can You Plan on Receiving It?

Did you know that since 1935, Social Security is the one pension system that has continuously provided pensions for millions of Americans? But by 2035, if the Congress does not increase funding, the Social Security Trust Fund will only be able to pay 80% of your earned benefits.

In an AARP survey, fewer than 25% of those surveyed knew their full retirement age (depends on your date of birth), 70% thought they would be eligible to receive full benefits sooner and 40% were unaware of survivor benefits.

Join fellow AAUW Long Beach Branch members at this event and learn the facts about Social Security and, in particular benefits for women, from Social Security Public Relations Officer, Jacqueline Zaragosa. In addition, California Retired Teacher’s Association State Chair of Governmental Relations, Suzie Dixon, will explain the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) affecting teachers and other pension recipients. Learn how HR 141 is proposing to eliminate this legislation which was passed during the Reagan administration.

The October 5th meeting and program will be held at Long Beach City College, 4900 E. Co-nant, LB 90808, Building O-2 (2nd Building) room 208 (second floor). See map below.

Judith Kaho and her volunteer crew will greet you and give you a parking permit. There is an elevator and listening devices will be available!

We hope you are able to join us for this very informative program.

Long Beach City College LBCC