Tech Trek

Tech Trek is a one-week residential summer scholarship camp for rising eighth graders which was founded in 1998 with start-up funds from an AAUW Educational Foundation Community Action Grant. The camp was designed to encourage young women to continue studying science and math in middle school and beyond. An AAUW Educational Foundation research report, “Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America,” indicated that young women tended to drop out of these courses during the middle school years.

Each campership is paid by AAUW Long Beach through donations from its members.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution for Tech Trek, please email AAUW Long Beach at for more information.

Tech Trek girls creating edible DNA and learning about spiders


Tech Trek’s goals are:

  1. to encourage young women of all backgrounds who are entering 8th grade to take math and science courses each year throughout high school
  2. to motivate these students to attend college
  3. to inspire young women to consider careers in science, technology, engineering or math

The selection process begins with the Tech Trek committee identifying Title I schools in the Long Beach Unified School District for candidates.  The school’s principal is then notified of the program and requested to provide the name(s) of science and/or math teachers who would act as a focal point.  The teacher then recommend girls who would benefit from our camp.  The girls are requested to write a two-page essay detailing why they would like to attend our camp.  The committee members interview the nominated girls.  We then meet to determine our nominees and alternatives for camp.