Current Officers

Board of Directors 2023 – 2024

The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected officers. The Board of Directors is comprised of the elected and appointed officers.

Elected Officers

Co-Presidents: Carolyn Eggleston & Amy La
President Elect: Vacant
Program Vice President: Sharifa Batts
Membership Co-Vice Presidents: Karen Gustafson & Lamis Hashem
AAUW Fund Co-Vice Presidents: Tobi Balma & Linda Westman
Treasurer: Patricia Ferrer
Investments Vice President: Deloris Mayuga
Co-Secretaries: Cacilia Kim & Harriet McDonald

Appointed Officers

Communications Director: Jane Hansen
Financial Secretary: Virginia (Ginny) Baxter
Membership Treasurer: Mary Lamo
Parliamentarian: Frances Rozner (backup: Jeane Caveness)
Public Policy Director: Arnedra Jordan
Immediate Co-Past Presidents: Denise Montoya & Sunny Zia

Administrative Chairs

Administrative Assistant: Darlene Daclan
Audit Chair: Vacant
Budget Chair: Patricia Ferrer
Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair: Mary Ann Takemoto
Meetings Coordinator: Erin Murphy
Vantage (Newsletter) Editor: Becky Low

Committee Chairs & Coordinators

Author’s Luncheon Chair: Ginny Baxter
Courtesy Chair: Enid Busser
Database Coordinator: George Jackson
Door Chair: Carol Clanton
Gov Trek: Arnedra Jordan
Hospitality Chair: Dee Dee Catalano
Liaison to the President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) at  CSULB: Jeane Caveness & Alyce LaViolette
Mailing Chair: Ellen Mathis
Reservations Chair: Charlotte Joseph
Scholarship Committee Chair: JoAnn Kuroda
STEM Conference Co-Chairs: Frances Rozner & Carol Clanton
Tech Trek Chair: Valerie Armstrong
Web Manager: Tobi Balma
Yearbook Co-Chairs: George Jackson & Mary Lamo
Zoom Manager: Tobi Balma
*College University Representatives (appointed by institutions)
California State University, Long Beach: Beth Lesen
Long Beach City College: Tracy Carmichael & Erin Murphy

*Not a Board Position

Updated 10/16/2023