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Saturday April 6, 2019


The November mid-term elections were a watershed moment for women! Americans
elected more women from throughout the country to hold positions in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as in state and local levels. Women are taking their places in powerful positions in all levels of government.

Despite winning the right to vote almost one hundred years ago, we find that we are still surprised at the most recent election results. Since the 1960s, women throughout the country have been increasingly involved in local and state politics, and they have made a difference. We keep coming closer to having our first woman president, a goal already achieved by 56 other countries in the world. We remain hopeful that our time is growing near.

The speakers at our Branch Meeting will be locally elected women involved on school boards and city councils. They are now part of the leadership in Long Beach and Lakewood. We look forward to hearing from Megan Kerr – Member of the Board, Long Beach Unified School District; Sunny Zia – President, Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees; and Lena Gonzales – Long Beach City 1st District Councilwoman.

Please join us on Saturday April 6. Bring your daughters, granddaughters and your young friends who might have some political aspirations themselves. The doors are now opening wide for women in politics. Women will shape America and its leadership role in the world!


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Work Smart Workshops:




Past Events: 


New Beginnings: Immigrant Women

Saturday March 2, 2019


Women immigrants have played a dynamic role in transforming America socially, politically and economically. Women historically have accounted for almost fifty percent of immigrants and currently exceed that. Women’s motivations for migration have been varied and complex. Gender has influenced migrant women’s choices to immigrate as well as their opportunities and challenges upon arrival. Continue Reading


Women, Wealth, and Power

Saturday February 2, 2019

Emerging Faces of Change

The amount of wealth influenced by women and the rate at which it has been increasing are remarkable. Women are responsible for approximately $18.4 trillion in consumer spending and hold approximately 30 percent of global wealth. They are the sole financial decision-makers for one-third of households in the United States, 72% of Millennial women are primary decision makers for financial planning and 95 percent are involved in their households’ financial decisions. Continue Reading


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Are you earning what you deserve?  In 2015, full-time working women in the U.S earned 80% of what men earn.  In California, the figure is 86% – better, but still not at parity. A portion of this gap is attributed to women’s lack of knowledge in how to best negotiate for their salaries and benefits.

Created for working women, AAUW Work Smart is an interactive 2-hour workshop that teaches you to evaluate, negotiate, and articulate your worth confidently in the job market. For more specific details, please see AAUW Work Smart under Projects on this website.


Upcoming Workshops:

  • Thursday evening, April 11, Long Beach/Signal Hill WorkPlace, Sponsored by LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn
  • Saturday afternoon, May 18, LB 3rd District Field Office/Conservation Corps Bldg., Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Past Workshops:

  • Tuesday evening, March 19, Red Cross of Greater Long Beach, Sponsored by Wells Fargo
  • Wednesday evening, February 27, Long Beach/Signal Hill WorkPlace, Sponsored by Wells Fargo
  • Thursday evening, January 24, Junior League of Long Beach, Sponsored by Wells Fargo
  • Saturday afternoon, December 8 2018, The Conservation Corps Bldg, Marina Park, Sponsored by Wells Fargo
  • Thursday evening, November 8 2018, The Nonprofit Partnership (TNP)
  • Thursday evening, October 18 2018, Jenny Oropeza Community Center, Sponsored by Long Beach Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez
  • Wednesday afternoon, August 22 2018, YMCA of Greater Long Beach


Coordinated by American Association of University Women (AAUW) Long Beach, the AAUW Work Smart workshops are offered free to the public.  Reservations for the workshop must be made online at salary.aauw.org/longbeach.

Attendance is limited to 40 participants.

Come and learn how to negotiate what you deserve!


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