These recipients have been funded in part by the following AAUW Long Beach Fellowships and Grants.

Anna Stofflet International Endowment #1193
International Fellowship:  Gloria Appiah Nsiah

Name: Zofia Wlodarczyk
Award Year: 2021-22
Award: International Fellowship
University of California, Davis
Citizenship: Poland
Location: Davis, California
Discipline: Sociology
Degree and Specialization: Ph.D., Migration, gender and human rights

In her research, Zofia Włodarczyk focuses on issues of migration, gender and human rights, specifically on the experiences of female refugees fleeing domestic violence. Previously her work focused on the agency of rural women in Poland and Polish feminist movements. Her goal is to advocate for women’s and refugees’ rights through her work in the public and third sectors.

Louise Ruth Arbogast American Fellowship Endowment #1652:  Nadeeka Karunaratne

Selected Professions Fellowship

Name: Aliannea Sherman

Award Year: 2021-22
Award: Selected Professions Fellowship
Institution: California State University, Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, California
Discipline: Computer and information sciences
Degree and Specialization: M.S., Data Science, Web Development, Software Engineering

Aliannea Sherman’s work on creating a virtual-reality development pipeline for nursing simulation training aims to address diversity concerns in training simulations, as well as rapport-building with virtual characters. In her free time, she offers support to undergraduate and high-school students through mentorship and volunteerism.

Jean Aldrich American Fellowship #4412
Selected Professions Fellowship: Kyndra Cleveland

Name: Safia Farole
Award Year: 2021-22
Award: American Fellowship
Institution: Portland State University
Location: Portland, Oregon
Discipline: Political science
Degree and Specialization: Postdoctoral, Comparative politics, African politics
Project Name: Women’s Candidacy in Local Government Elections in Sub-Saharan Africa

In her research, Safia Farole focuses on local elections, party systems and the political representation of women in Africa. Her recent research on how opposition political parties build support at the local level has been published in peer-reviewed journals in political science. Her new work on women’s representation in local elections in South Africa examines why female politicians are less likely to win seats in direct elections even in the context of gender quotas.

Joyce E. Clark Research and Projects Endowment #1739
Career Development Grants: Greta Casino

Name: Alison Espinosa-Setchko
Award Year: 2021-22
Award: Career Development Grant
Institution: Smith College
Location: Northampton, Massachusetts
Discipline: Social work
Degree and Specialization: M.S.W., Clinical Social Work

Alison Espinosa-Setchko is dedicated to creating healing in the lives of survivors and perpetrators of severe harm. Until recently, she was program manager at The Ahimsa Collective coordinating a “Restorative Approaches to Intimate Violence” program for hundreds of incarcerated men. As an abolitionist and a master of social work candidate, she seeks to challenge the field of social work’s complicity with the carceral system and uplift restorative responses to harm that create true safety and wholeness for all communities.

Connie Wright Inskeep Research and Projects Endowment #1835
Career Development Grants: Vanessa Muniz

Name: Maria Salgado
Award Year: 2021-22
Award: Career Development Grant
Institution: University of Southern California
Location: Los Angeles, California
Discipline: Education
Degree and Specialization: M.Ed., Enrollment Management & Policy

Maria Salgado builds educational equity by creating college access and success pathways for students from marginalized backgrounds. Her work focuses on removing the stigma of imposter syndrome and navigating the hidden curriculum to ensure that underrepresented college minorities can maximize the benefits of their college degree. Her goal is to gain a leadership role in higher education to improve educational outcomes. As a mentor, she helps young women find their voice and independence through education.

Ethel Black Research and Projects Endowment #4130 : Lea Wolf

Name: Antonia Romero
Award Year: 2021-22
Award: Career Development Grant
Institution: University of Southern California
Location: Los Angeles, California
Discipline: Public administration
Degree and Specialization: M.P.A., Public Policy

Antonia Romero’s work focuses on issues of equity and justice. As an analyst with the Department of Child Support Services, she coordinates with community partners to provide additional support to customers, furthering the goal of reducing barriers that contribute to poverty. As a student in the master of public administration program at the University of Southern California’s Price School, she will develop leadership skills to effectively organize and manage organizations to benefit the public good.

Long Beach Branch, Inc. Research and Projects Endowment #4289: Amal Elwardi
Career Development Grant