Past Events 2018-19

Celebrate with a Wassail

Saturday December 1, 2018

Veteran members, new members and guests are invited to clink their Wassail glasses together to wish good health and festive cheer to each other at this free event. We will also be offering our monthly opportunity drawing at this event, for the purpose of supporting our scholarship programs at CSULB and LBCC! Continue Reading


Working Women and Pay Equity

Saturday November 3, 2018, Golden Sails Inn

Economic Security: Pay Equity and Working Women is a major issue supported by AAUW National, State and Local organizations. Many women are affected by unfair working environments and unequal pay. We are affected during our working lives and at retirement since retirement income and individual social security are based on salaries, positions and length of time worked. Families are affected. Continue Reading


A Reminder To Vote on November 6

Saturday October 6, 2018, Golden Sails Inn

Do You Want to Get a Better Understanding of the Ballot Measures
Before You Vote in November?

Our October guest speaker, Nancy Mahr, is well-qualified to share with the branch her knowledge of the 11 propositions on the upcoming ballot. Nancy is member of the AAUW Palos Verdes Peninsula Branch and is a California AAUW Director and Public Policy Co-Chair. Continue Reading


The History of Feminism: A Letter to the Next Generation

Saturday September 8, 2018, Golden Sails Inn

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt
More then a hundred year ago, women in American dreamed of equal political status with men; dreamed of equal legal rights. Now women dream of equal pay and opportunity in a harassment free workplace. Women, despite legal and cultural barriers, have been actively engaged in every phase of the nation’s history. Women have helped shape the political, social, legal and economic life of our country. Continue Reading