The Membership Corner

February 2016 Update

Let’s learn more about our new members!

Annabel Adams

Annabel has been a national member of AAUW since 2014. She earned her B.A. in English from UC Irvine in 2006, and her M.A. in English from California State University Long Beach in 2011. Annabel’s expertise is in strategic communications, marketing and content development. She is currently the Associate Director of Strategic Communications for the School of Humanities at UC Irvine. Prior to this, she served as the Director of Communications for a start-up in Culver City called H.U.M.A.N. where she crafted and executed public relations (PR) strategy that secured media hits in nearly all mainstream print and online media outlets.

Annabel has been a writer and PR coach for a NY Times best-selling author, an American Lawyer-ranked “Top 10” firm, a non-profit organization, and a marketing firm where she “ghost wrote” for a celebrity launching a consumer product. Her PR and writing efforts have resulted in  features in “tier one” print and online publications; quotes in coveted outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and LA Times; prime-time TV coverage; and more. Her content development efforts have resulted in first-place Google search-engine rankings and her ghost-written articles not only get published on reputable sites like Forbes and Fast Company, but also get shared (“my last ghostwritten article for Entrepreneur was shared 13,000 times on Facebook” Annabel states).

By joining our branch and becoming a member, Annabel expects to be empowered to make an impact. While she does intend to volunteer, she’d love to lend her expertise in publicity, marketing and social media to AAUW-LB events, fundraising, marketing collateral, online presence, etc.

She is married with two dog children, a 12-year-old Boston Terrier, Lucy, and a 6-year-old “Boggle” (Beagle & Boston Terrier mix), Kahlua. Annabel’s hobbies include singing (she was in a band called The Antique Toys for 5 years and did guest vocals for a band called Pristina), writing and reading.

“I’m excited to be a part of this branch!” Annabel wants the branch members to know that.


Carol Llewellyn

Carol earned her Bachelor of Arts from UCLA, after she was transferred from San Fernando Valley State College (now California State Northridge). Her major was “Social Sciences for Elementary Teachers” (no longer available) with an almost minor in English. She earned a Standard Life Teaching Credential (elementary specialization). She also earned a Paralegal Certificate from Coastline Community College and a Mediation certificate (meeting State Department of Consumer Affairs guidelines set by California and Resolution Programs Act).

Carol has been a member of the National AAUW organization and wanted to become more involved locally. “The AAUW’s mission statement holds special significance to me since my daughter received a very generous grant, which was extremely helpful in facilitating a career change in the STEM field.” Carol states. At the first meeting which she attended in our branch, Carol was impressed with the friendliness and energy of those she met. Carol expresses: “My immediate expectation is that I will get to know more women with whom I share similar interests.”

Carol taught elementary education for the Santa Monica USD for 11 and half years. After she remarried and had her daughter, she volunteered in various capacities (Patient Rights Advocate, Sun N’ Fun Preschool President, Orange County Grand Jury) and worked as a Legal Assistant in family law for three years. “My Grand Jury experience was especially eye opening since our term was extended to allow us to hear testimony concerning the Orange County bankruptcy.” Carol explains. More recently, she worked part-time for more than 10 years with the Newport Mesa USD as a reading resource specialist and then as a CELDT (California English Language Development) tester.

Carol was married for nearly 25 years and became a widow in 2004. She continued working until three years ago. (Carol: “I still work in September and October when I do CELDT testing”). Her daughter, who graduated from Williams College, is an economist for the MA Department of Public Utilities in Boston. Carol enjoys visiting her there and last summer they celebrated Carol’s 70th with a memorable trip to Ireland. “Now that I’m (mostly) retired, I’m on the lookout for new and interesting things to do.” Carol states. Carol loves to sing and to cook and has belonged to the (Seal Beach) Vin Amigos wine group for over 30 years.


Naida Tushnet

Naida earned her BA and MA in history from Grinnell College and Columbia University, respectively. She graduated with her PhD in Policy Analysis from Washington University in St. Louis. She has had 3 careers: she was a high school history teacher; she managed programs in non-profits and state and federal government that evaluated social programs designed to increase opportunities for youth as well as educational programs from preschool to graduate school.

Naida was recruited to our branch by one of our active and energetic members, Flo Pickett. Naida joined our branch, because she wanted to work with women on key issues that affect the lives of girls and women.

Naida has one son, who is a professor of law at the University of Michigan (as is his wife). He also argues cases at the appellate level, most notably last year’s successful argument in Young v. UPS, which guaranteed a woman’s right to receive light duty during pregnancy. She also has twin grandchildren, Harry and Leila. Naida states: “My “hobby” is engaging in community actions and politics.”

November 2015 Update

Here are brief bios of our newer members. Make sure to say ‘hi’ to these interesting women at an upcoming meeting.

Laura Hill

Laura graduated from California State University Long Beach with her BA in English with certificates in Creative Writing and Technical Writing. She worked in the power production department of Southern California Edison as a power plant operator and a training instructor. She also designed training courses including their first interactive multi-media programs.

I asked Laura how she heard about us and why she joined us, she responded: “I saw a story about an AAUW meeting in a local paper. I checked out the web site and the group seemed interesting.” She would like to get involved in some of our activities, and want to learn more about our branch.

She is married, and resides in Long Beach. About her hobbies, Laura states: “I dabble when it comes to hobbies. I have eclectic interests. I have written most of my life.”

Beverly Krivokapich

Beverly was an elementary teacher primarily in California for 10 years.  She went back to college to take MBA-related courses and happened upon computer programming courses, which she really enjoyed.  This was in the early 80’s, and she became involved in the placement of and training for the first PC XTs on the desks of Douglas Aircraft employees.  She did PC and mainframe computer training, was a systems analyst, Help Desk support person, technical writer and instructional designer.  Beverley went back to college to complete her certification for teaching English as a Second Language.  She taught adult immigrants in Garden Grove and Long Beach for 10 wonderful and challenging years.

She is interested in promoting STEM and is interested in expanding women’s choices in non-traditional careers.  Beverly is also interested in many of the groups which discuss important topics, like Great Decisions.

Beverley is married to Glenn Ducat.  “We have no children, but always have a dog, who is always happy to see us and doesn’t need to attend college!”   Beverly loves to read, especially non-fiction. She loves to travel and has been fortunate to make many trips to Italy, and western and Eastern Europe, China, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico.

Cathy Rokicki

Cathy was a member of our branch in 1980’s. When she joined in 1983, she was immediately talked into doing the Vantage, which was all with a typewriter, sticky tape and glue back then and a trip to the printer. This time she is hoping to meet some interesting folks with similar interests and just spend time exploring AAUW.

She graduated from UCLA in 1977 with her B.Sc. in Psychology, and from CSULB in 1993 with her MA in Educational Psychology/Counseling. She worked for 25 years as a school psychologist, retiring from Cypress S.D.

Cathy has been married for over 4 decades to her husband, Jahn, who will be retiring in a couple of months.   Cathy says: “We are hoping to find out what people do when they don’t have to do anything on a schedule.”  Her daughter, Jesse,  is a physician and new mother, who lives up in Northern California with her husband Amish. “Being a Grandma is my newest activity” Cathy states. Her son, Joe, currently lives in Colorado where he has recently finished his PhD in Molecular Biology. “For hobbies, my all-time constant is reading and I recently spent a week taking all my fiction down and putting the books all back in alphabetical order (including little letter section dividers…I have no Z or X authors and only 1 Q and U author)!” Cathy says.    She has a long time interest in genealogy and spends a lot of time figuring out the stories that go with the family pictures.

July 2015 Update

 We added a few members to our branch in the past month. Meet Julie Stindt and Anne Ingalls.

 Julie Stindt

Julie earned a BA degree in history from Wayne State University, an MA degree in sociology, and a Ph.D in higher education administration from University of Michigan.

She’s been a MAL for many years and has supported AAUW with her financial contributions. She likes to be informed of purposes, aims, and goals of AAUW.

Julie is a lovely lady with a wonderful background in education. She taught sociology to high school seniors for ten years, helped to develop and build a community college in Detroit area that grew to five campuses and while she was doing so, also served as divisional chairs of social and behavioral sciences, liberal arts dean, academic vice president and campus president.

She lives with her partner in Long Beach. Julie’s hobbies include reading, sailing, civil rights, and church/state separation activities.


Anne Ingalls

Anne graduated from University of Illinois, Champaign with her Bachelor of Science. And, she received her degree in law from the Loyola Law School-Los Angeles.

She joined AAUW Long Beach branch to meet intellectually-stimulating women who have similar interests in the issues. Anne is interested in our branch programs and being a volunteer for our events.

She worked thirty years as a prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

She is married and lives in San Pedro. She has one daughter, one stepdaughter, and one stepson. Her hobbies are quilting, gardening, hiking, biking, travelling, reading, and her DOGS!!

October 2014 Update

This month we’re profiling the three male members of AAUW Long Beach Branch.

 Lee Tsao

In 2013 Lee Tsao was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to serve as a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. He currently presides over a misdemeanor, juvenile criminal calendar in Downey. Lee is a 1992 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, earning a B.A. in English. After graduating from Berkeley, he attended law school at the University of Southern California and graduated in 1996. From 1996 to 1997, he worked as a staff attorney for the Immigrants’ Rights Project at Public Counsel in Los Angeles. He was then hired by the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office where he worked for 16 years handling all aspects of misdemeanor, juvenile delinquency, felony, and capital case litigation.

Attending college was an expectation of Lee’s parents from the day he was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. He enrolled at UC Berkeley “…because it was the most prestigious university that accepted me.” With his future in law this was certainly a good decision. Lee’s parents immigrated from Taiwan to attend graduate school at the University of Tennessee. Lee spent most of his early childhood years in Milwaukee Wisconsin where his father worked at the University of Wisconsin. His mother worked for an insurance company. At the age of 12, Lee and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. His father worked at CSU San Jose while his mother worked for a computer company.

Lee is married to Cacilia Kim, who is in her second term as Co-Vice-President AAUW Funds. They met during Lee’s last year of college at the International House in Berkeley, where both of them were residents. It was Cacilia who encouraged Lee to join AAUW. Lee hopes to gain a greater awareness and understanding of the needs for gender equality in all areas of life. Lee and Cacilia have two children, Matthew (age 7) and Paul (age 5). Lee and Cacilia’s lives are actively focused on soccer and swimming as they do their part as caring and supportive parents. Lee expresses his appreciation to AAUW members for the warm welcome he has received!

I first met William Feliciano in the 2009-2010 year. It was his first year as an AAUW member. We sat next to each other at the annual Board retreat and enjoyed a friendly chat. I was delighted to see a male member among us women and was impressed he did so in his first year at that! I never saw him again, however. But I noticed he continued to renew his membership! He recalled that he was at a Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB) awards ceremony where he saw the Branch STEM brochure. He began to realize the wonderful work Long Beach Branch had been doing and decided to join AAUW to support the program.

“It is selfish for me to say, but I did it so MY students could get the benefits!” William stated.

In 2014 William nominated AAUW Long Beach in the category of “Friend of Education” which resulted in the Branch being recognized by TALB in June. “I have nothing but nice things to say about the STEM Conference and Tech Trek, William said. ” I will help anyway I can to make sure these programs run in the future.”

In the nomination William wrote these wonderful words about AAUW Long Beach: For over ten years, the American Association of University Women has been working with the LBUSD. I have been very happy to be a part of the AAUW programs.  The STEM conference and Tech Trek have been and continue to be wonderful opportunities. My students have been able to work with professional women and learn from them.  Doctors, Biologists, and Accountants, have come through AAUW to give guidance and inspiration to our seventh grade girls.  My students are delighted to be a part of these programs.  I am a proud member of the AAUW and I am proud of the work we do to inspire students in the future.”  AAUW members filled two tables at the June 2014 banquet and it was exciting for many of our members who had not met William, to thank him for recognizing Long Beach Branch and for his many contributions to Long Beach middle school students!

William is a graduate of the University of Kansas, obtaining his B.A. in English. He’s been teaching middle school students for more than 20 years. He started as a substitute and then worked full time. For the past few years William has been teaching for LBUSD. Prior to his arrival in Long Beach William taught in Paramount and Lynwood. “I have taught mostly math, but have also taught science and on a rare occasion self contained,” he says.

William says he’s “still single” and his hobbies include reading, running and camping. Each summer he drives around in his car visiting national parks and his relatives.

Let’s hope his connection with AAUW Long Beach continues to be a long-standing one! William represents the positive teacher role model middle school girls need in public education. His advocacy of STEM and Tech Trek for his students is exemplary and although we may not know right away, these experiences will make a difference in the academic successes of his student

George Jackson

George Jackson joined AAUW in 2013 and he has been serving as an Appointed Chair to support the educational outreach and communication goals of the Branch through his knowledge of technological tools. George attended some meetings and he immediately appreciated the community that Branch meetings affords him, i.e. to socialize with intelligent, progressive members of the Long Beach area.

George earned a B.S. in Health Systems from Georgia Tech. He’s a native of Macon, Georgia. His first years out of college were devoted to industrial engineering with the Sisters of Charity Health Care System in Houston, Texas during the early 80’s. Yearning to “make a difference” in the world, he called upon his experience in computer science and more gained confidence to explore the world of personal computers which was just beginning in the early 1980’s. He worked in computer sales and support which eventually positioned him for long-term employment in computer customer service and support managing help desks. First he worked for a manufacturing firm in Texas. When he moved to Long Beach he joined a software company in San Pedro. George eventually left that job and trained and started his own business as an advanced biofeedback therapist.

“This was one of the most satisfying ‘jobs’ I’ve ever had as it focused on not merely being of service to others but actually helping them heal,” George recalled. “As I learned more and more about marketing my business, I found I had a knack for marketing others, so I expanded into that field as well. When I realized I was stretched too thin to do both, I decided to ‘temporarily’ focus exclusively on marketing.”

George has been helping small and medium-sized businesses market themselves ever since, and he loves doing it. He also really loves being his own boss, even though he tends to drive himself harder than he would ever allow anyone else to.

“I still have a passion for healing, particularly as it relates to energy work, not the approach taken by conventional medicine which focuses on symptoms, rather than supporting the whole person, George states. “I continue to be involved with friends and colleagues who share this approach. Through the support of my network, we help people who are open to alternative and complementary healing methods.”

George lived in Georgia throughout his years at Georgia Tech so he could be close to his parents, brother and extended family, who are still in Georgia and Alabama. George moved to Texas for his first job after graduation and stayed for 20 years. He then moved from Texas to California 15 years ago because of a romantic relationship with a woman, who he married. That woman was this writer!

Although George had a previous marriage, he has never had kids, but has had multiple numbers of dogs and cats. He is an animal lover! He loves to ski, play tennis, and keep himself fit working out. He also likes to stimulate his mind through cultural events, reading, watching movies, and discussing not only current events and politics but also ideas. He also enjoys eating out, traveling, and visiting with friends and family who he doesn’t see enough of back East.

Surely you have something in common with one of these men! Next time you see any of them at a meeting, say “Hi” and strike up a conversation!

September 2014 Update

In recent months Long Beach Branch welcomed several new members, three from the same family. Meet G. Marie Kiss and her two daughters, Michelle Kiss and Caroline Kiss-Lee.

The Kiss Women: Michelle Kiss, G. Marie Kiss and Caroline Kiss-Lee

Marie first introduced herself to the Long Beach Branch at the 2014 STEM conference. She was present to see what we do. Her curiosity and interest stemmed from having enjoyed a career in STEM fields. You see, Marie earned a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1987. She worked for an aerospace company for 5 years as a Project Manager. She then spent the next 10 years working with high technology companies. For the last 12 years Marie was an educator with LBUSD and the Los Alamitos USD teaching math, science and Spanish.

Marie joined AAUW to continue with her advocacy for students’ success in STEM education and careers and is anxious to volunteer with the Branch STEM Conference in 2015. She also believes that being a part of a group of interesting and intelligent women who are committed to making a difference in important issues in our community, was very attractive to her and plans to volunteer with the 2015 STEM Conference as well as being a liaison with her alma mater, CSULB.

“Having worked as a corporate liaison for student internship and recruitment programs in the technology sector, a middle school and high school educator, math coach and STEM education advocate for more than 25 years, I am familiar with the challenges students must overcome to realize their academic potential, to choose the right path, and to transition successfully to a professional career,” Marie said. “I feel AAUW will provide an excellent vehicle for me to continue my work and advocacy for students’ success in STEM education and careers.”

Marie wasborn and raised in Columbia, South America. She met her husband, Mark Kiss when he visited his mother who was also from the same state in Columbia as Marie. They met in 1972 and on August 4, 2014, Marie and Mark celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary!

When asked about her last name, Kiss, Marie responded with: “Well, I do love having Kiss as my last name for so many reasons. The first one, of course, is that I have it for having married the love of my life. And it only gets better from there: It is a name that everyone seems to like and it is easy to remember. I get so many comments about it and they always seem to be accompanied by a smile. My students seem to enjoy it too and often ask me if I like the band KISS! Imagine that? I tell them that Kiss is just my ‘stage name’. Both my daughters, married now, kept Kiss in their last name… who would want to give it up? By the way, Kiss is a Hungarian last name and quite common there. They pronounce it ‘Kish’ and it means ‘little’. But I prefer the English meaning of course!”

Marie practices yoga, enjoys dancing and organic gardening. She’s a soccer fan, loves to travel and is deeply committed to “clean eating”. She is very proud of her two accomplished daughters and her two grandchildren. Read on.

Caroline M. Kiss-Lee, is the daughter who was born in Columbia, South America. At 1 year the family moved to the U.S. Caroline’s, higher education path,however, took a little different path.

Caroline first began what she refers to as “my office career” with the Regional Credit Office for Nordstrom National Credit Bank. She spent 3 years there as a trainer. Following Nordstrom, Caroline moved to MK Diamond Products for 3 years and was a Credit Analyst, managing all of the company’s accounts west of the Mississippi. In 2006 she became a Loan Processor and Vice-President of Operations at Newport Lending Group. Obviously highly motivated, Caroline then started her own mortgage loan processing company (which she still owns) until 5 years later when she decided it was time to complete her college career. In 2011 Caroline embarked on her pursuit of her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills and graduated in May this year. She is currently working for Pacific Psychological Associates as a Psychometrist.

Caroline joined AAUW because she “…wanted to be a part of a civic-minded group of women… interested in exploring important issues and making a difference in the community,” she explains. “I plan on participating in as many groups and projects as I am able and expects to learn and grow as a member of AAUW.”

Caroline just celebrated her 16th wedding anniversary with husband Ryan Lee. They have 2 “incredible” children, Ethan, 9, and Evangeline, 4-1/2 and live in Signal Hill.

As a young child, Caroline performed in the International Children’s Choir and considered it a privilege that they performed at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics! Caroline explains that she has a pretty adventurous bucket list and she’s already crossed off sky diving from her list. She hopes to one day also cross off cage diving with Great Whites off of the South African Coast as well as running with the bulls in Spain!

When asked about her maiden name, Kiss, sherepliedthat “… it has gotten much easier the older I’ve gotten. The first day of school was always tough. The teachers would always call us by our last name first, so every first day of school I’d start to get nervous the closer the teacher got to the letter ‘K’. Then once my name was called, I’d hear the laughs and the kissing sounds. Junior High was particularly tough as I was given what I now think were some pretty funny nicknames. But when you’re 13 and uncomfortable in your own skin, it’s tough. When I got married, I decided to keep my last name and hyphenate because I realized that I had a pretty great last name, it was part of who I was and I didn’t want to let that go. It was also a way of staying connected to my Dad. My husband was supportive of me keeping my last name and I am really glad that I did. I think that it’s great that more women are keeping their maiden names. I was Caroline Kiss my entire life and when I got married I just saw it as me moving on to the next chapter in my life, adding more adventures and adding “Lee” to my name just felt right. I love my name and wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The youngest Kiss woman is Michelle. She explains that “… It has been WONDERFUL having the last name Kiss!  I think it has really played a big part in my outgoing personality, having a fun name helps to break the ice!!  I think it helps that I was quite tall in grade school too so most kids did not make fun of me!!  When I got married 8 years ago it was very important for me, personally, to keep my maiden name.  Of course for the obvious being a unique name…but it was also my identity and how I knew myself.  I am fortunate that I have a very loving and supportive husband who understood and supported my decision.  I explained to him and to others that assume certain things about women who tend to keep their name, that Michelle Kiss encompasses many facets of who I am….from my parent’s daughter…to an accomplished professional…to being my husband’s wife.  For me assuming an entirely new identity taking my husband’s last name would to me only personify me as my husband’s wife…a very important part of my identity but not my entire identity.  I think it is important for anyone, women especially, to feel empowered, supported and loved…whatever their name may be!!!”

In keeping with the family’s high achieving life style Michelle is an alumnus of Long Beach City College, UCLA and CSULB! This home-grown daughter declared herself a double major earning her Bachelors of Arts in both Political Science (International Relations concentration) and Socio-Cultural Anthropology from UCLA in 2005. In May this year Michelle earned her Master’s in Public Administration from CSULB. She had a double celebration this summer having graduated as a member of the 2014 Leadership Long Beach 25th (Silver Anniversary) class!

Michelle, in the tradition of Kiss women, has had varied career positions but staying in education except for 2-year position in the private sector in public relations and corporate communications. She has worked in higher education for the California State University System, first as an academic advisor at CSU Long Beach and then CSU Dominquez Hills. She then moved into administration and policy at the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Prior to employment with the CSU System, Michelle was a paraeducator in K-12 education during college.

Past President and current Secretary Darlene Daclan shouldbe thanked for referring Michelle to the Long Beach Branch, especially since it resulted in three new members!. Michelle is very interested in being more involved with women’s issues at the local, regional and national levels.

“I am excited to become more involved in areas supporting educational access for all, though especially for young minorities,” Michelle explains. “I am also interested in serving/volunteering with CSULB which I understand AAUW partners with on many initiatives and projects.”

Michelle has been married to “…my amazing husband”, Mark Eomurian for 8 years and they live in Long Beach with three Maine Coon kitties, Sylvester, Wolfgang, and Oliver. Michelle explains that she and Mark love to travel whether it’s to exotic locales or to our own backyard oasis known as the “M&M” Lounge where they love to entertain friends and family. Together they love to cook healthy, nutritious, whole food and enjoy researching about nutrition, health and wellness and sharing their findings with anyone who wants to learn more. They share a passion for health and wellness and strive to live a balanced, happy life.

No doubt we will be seeing Marie, Caroline and Michelle in the coming year as they seek out their role and participation in AAUW Long Beach Branch!


Margaret McMahon

Margaret McMahon

Margaret McMahon is approaching her one year anniversary in her job as the Associate Center Director for Long Beach Day Nursery, East Branch, on Bellflower Boulevard. Prior to this promotion, Margaret was the Lead teacher for the Nursery’s Los Angeles Universal Preschool class, a specially funded program whose mission is the ensure access to quality preschool education throughout the County. She started as a classroom substitute but moved to a regular teaching positionandfinally into the position of Lead Teacher, where Margaret coordinated and ensured the curriculum taught in the class complied with the high standards of LAUP program’s goals and objectives.

Margaret’s move to the Associate Center Director position was made with mixed feelings since she thoroughly enjoyed working with her young students. However, she discovered that hidden within herself was a real calling to the management ranks. Within her first 3 months Margaret “wowed” the Day Nursery staff with her ability to learn quickly and handle a heavy administrative workload, without complaining! Margaret says she loves working with children and their families. This would explain her pursuit of a B.A. with a double major in Family Life Education & Child Development and Family Studies from CSULB.

Margaret joined AAUWat the May Garden Party this year. She joined to meet strong, independent women and to volunteer with an organization that empowers women and girls. She is hoping to be involved with a Branch activity that benefits young girls.

She isn’t married now but hopes to change that in the future and to raise a family. She likes the outdoors and likes to hike and paddle board. Indoors she likes to sew and make things. Margaret also has a twin sister who she hopes will also join AAUW! She and her twin sister hail from Bakersfield andare now residing in Long Beach. Margaret has a sweet, nurturing personality. No wonder the kids love her!


Helene Goodman

Helene Goodman

Helene Goodman joined AAUW in 2012 and is looking forward to more involvement now that her friend Flo Pickett is President. She is sold on organizations that fight for women’s rights! Helene is a graduate of Cal State University Los Angeles where she majored in English and graduated with a BA and then an MA in Theatre Arts.

Helene says she knew as early as 2nd grade she wanted to teach. She recalls enjoying school more than being at home. She always did well and flourished in school and was comfortable with the challenges of learning. Neither parent was a college grad but her sister became an elementary school teacher. Helene initially thought about teaching junior high because of her own outstanding experiences those 3 years. However, she became sold on high school after doing student teaching. Helene started in Long Beach Poly in  1977, teaching until  2002.

Helene is active in the Long Beach community and has been a Board member for Dramatic Results, a non-profit program that provides an after school program focusing the arts as a strategy to supporting student achievement in LBUSD schools.As an AAUW member she wants to learn more about Human Trafficking and help to erase this horrible societal concern.

Helene was married 24 years, but it ended in divorce and has been in a partnership for 29 years. She enjoys traveling, cooking, film and theatre!


Be sure to say hello to these fabulous new Branch members the next time we meet! Maybe you have something common with the Kiss women, Margaret and/or Helene!